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CRC Tech: tech - Brush Shunt Soldering
Technical Support - Setups

Soldering Brushes and Brush Hoods

This may seem like an un-importtant tip, but from all of the "stiff" brush wires we have seen we decided we would show you for interests sake how we do it. Our method leaves a nice flexible brush wire that has a much better contact than a screwed on eyelet type system.

Use forcepts to grab as much of the wire as possible. This will stop solder from running up the wire as it would without pinching off most of the wire. leave 5-7 mm of the brush wire extended past the end of the forcepts, this part will attach to the brush hood
Tin the end of the wire just enought to cover the wire tip
Tin the motor can brush hood (picture not shown) just beside the screw head that is normally there to fasten on eyelet brushes. Scratching the hood surface can help seed the tin. Now it shouldn't take much to get the brush wire to solder to the hood. Keep the forcepts bent over and out of the way exposing the tinned brush wire tip so you can see what you are doing. (like in the picture)

Just after you get the brush soldered on the hood and it is stil hot, straighten the forcepts so the wire is sticking straight up. Once the solder hardens it will then not be pertruding straight out of the side of the motor can and will not get in the way (or catch carpet etc.)

The end.

Jody Haddow and Craig Roberts

Posted on Wednesday, January 19 @ 03:35:04 CST by haddow
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