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CRC Product News: The new Formula 1 car from CRC - The WTF-1
Untitled Document

WTF-1 - The new Formula 1 kit from

Calandra Racing Concepts.

2013 IIC Vegas Champ and 2014 Snowbirds Champ

The new WTF-1 Formula 1 race car from CRC. Race proven, lightweight and full of performance features not found on other kits.

Building on the winning heritage from the multi-champion line of 1/12th and 1/10th road cars, the new WTF-1 from CRC elevates F-1 racing to the next level offering new and exciting features. The WTF-1 has a a bunch of exciting features; CRC's infinitely adjustable Slider Rear Pod, dual damper tube system and a full ball bearing graphite Pro-diff. The hit list continues on the WTF-1 with our adjustable front end; The F-1 Pro-Strut. The roll center, ride height, camber, caster, preload, droop and spring rate are all adjustable. Add a best-in-class rear damper, the CRC Encore shock.


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CRC Product News: Spring 2014 -New Products from CRC
Untitled Document

New products from Team CRC

** New "Rocket Fuel 2s Saddle Packs! ***

** New 1/12th Bodies from Black Art **

** New "Big Mama" 71 - 80 tooth Gold Standard Pinions ""

** New forward shock upper plate for Xti, Altered Ego **


New Rocket Fuel battery packs from Calandra Racing. Low internal resistance for bottom end punch, coupled with high voltage for screaming top speed.


CRC's new saddle packs have the power AND capacity to take your saddle pack ready machine to a victory. The choice of top racers like Billy Fischer, Dave Henry, Rick Redmin and the Sousa brothers of Derek and Mark. CRC packs have won the major offroad races The Dirt Challenge and Tilsonburg Canadian Indoor Challenge. Complete with connector, jumper and balance lead. In stock!

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CRC Product News: Spring 2014 -New Products from CRC
Untitled Document

New products from Team CRC

*** New 1/12th Bodies from Black Art **

** New "Big Mama" 71 - 80 tooth Gold Standard Pinions ""

** New forward shock upper plate for Xti, Altered Ego


New from CRC and Black Art, two new competition 1/12th bodies. On the left, the #4171 Lola B10 (BA006). On the right and in the back, the #4272 Toyota TS030 (BA008).


Fresh from winning the 2014 Euro Champs and now in stock and available is the new Black Art Toyota TS030 "spinetingler" high downforce body. The body has increased downforce for high speed tracks. The TS030 features a center spine for added stability. In one of the first major outings, the #4172 TS030 took home the 2014 European Championship in Italy.

The other new shell; the LOLA B10 is a slightly more "free" body featuring a bit less downforce for slower tracks, stock racing and circuits with more turns. Both are pulled in genuine GE .5mm (.0197) Lexan.

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CRC Product News: New car kits from Calandra Racing Concepts - October 2013
Untitled Document

New World GT car from CRC

The Gen-X 10 "SE"

"Slider Edition"

Skinny Edition?

Sexy Edition?

The new Gen-X 10 SE. Super light, very narrow and nimble. Now complete with CRC's Slider Rear Pod. Infinite, fast, EZ ride height adjustments. Multiple inline battery positions with both standard and reversed servo positions.


Calandra Racing Concepts "Gen-X 10" line has dominated World GT racing since it's inception in 2007. Winning the first big race in Vegas in September 2007, the Gen-X 10 lineage of cars has been practically unbeatable. Starting with the revolutionary Generation X-10 in 2007 and then the Gen-X 10LE in 2010 and now onto the Gen-X 10 SE in 2013. The new "SE" from CRC refines all the winning design cues from the LE. The new SE is lighter, more narrow and adjustable. The new SE features CRC "Slider" Rear Pod plates for step less, easy ride height adjustment. The SE features multiple battery positions with CRC's battery "locators" and tape slots for custom placement of the 1s pack. For you 2s racers, the SE accommodates ROAR and IFMAR legal 2s packs by simply raising the top deck.

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CRC Product News: New Products from CRC for September 2013
Untitled Document

New 1/12th foam compounds!

New rim material!

New side springs!

New center springs for CRC Encore,

Asc. VCS and HPI mini shocks!


New September 2013 releases from CRC; new compound tires, side and center springs.

New products from CRC this month!

1:12th Tires - For many years, 1:12th scale has had basically the same 2 compounds of foam rubber in Japan. However, last year, a new foam compound entered the battle arena and we are calling the newest carpet compound Blu and Greene. This is not the older American foam that was labeled Blue and Green, this is a new Japanese compound that we have "borrowed" old nomenclature and call this new product, Blu and Greene. This new foam has high grip, long wear but differs slightly from the Pink/Magenta/Purple and the Black/Grey/Yellow/White family that we have used for years. Last summer at the 2012 World Championships in Holland, CRC drivers Andy Moore, Marc Rheinard, Simo Ahoneimi and Elliot Harper were all in the A-final with CRC cars and tires. In fact, Andy Moore won A2 and had the fastest lap and the fastest 8 minute run at the World Championships. At that event, in our arsenal of tires, we had the new compounds, trued up and ready to run. While many of the other tire companies only learned about these tires at the event, scrambling to mount and true donuts, the CRC team was sitting back with the new Blu's and Greenes all trued up and ready to rumble.

As we approach the 2013 indoor season and after a full season of testing, we are now releasing what we feel are the best 2 additions to the foam tire line. Rear Greene (soft) and Blu (medium).

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1366 - Rear Bottom Plate-V.3, Pntra
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