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CRC Race Results: CRC takes 2 at the 2017 Snowbird Nationals

Team CRC takes 2 at the 2017 Snowbirds!

T.Q. and winner of World GT-R

CRC RT-1 Rubber Tires debut on the oval!

Black Art 1/12th bodies go 1 + 3 in 1/12th Modified


2017 Snowbird Champions in World GT-R and Pro-10! Here are 4 reasons to check out CRC!

Left - The T.Q. and winning World GT-R car of Brian Wynn. A stock CRC #1810 World GT-R car kit complete with a Hobbywing #7115 1s speed control, CRC Rocket Fuel racing pack (3705)and pre-mounted CRC #2314 RT-1 tires.

Right - Team CRC Japan driver Hayato Ishioka's prototype Pro-10 car from CRC. This car is based on CRC's winning World GT platform and will be available soon.

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CRC Race Results: Calandra Racing Rocks Cleveland!

Tom Firsching - The King of Cleveland!

T.Q. and winner of 3 classes!

Team CRC rocks in Ohio!


CRC driver and Rome, NY native, Tom Firsching, dominates the U.S. Indoor Champs!

Tom Firsching again makes Cleveland, Ohio his personal stomping ground. In 2008, he was T.Q.and winner in multiple classes, he did it again in 2010. Now in 2016, Tom runs the table with a T.Q. and win in all 3 classes he entered;

World GT-R, 1/12th 17.5 and 13.5. An amazing result and a CRC sweep!

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CRC Race Results: Team CRC scares away the competition at the Halloween Classic

Team CRC scares away the competition

at the 2016 Halloween Classic in Ohio!

John Wiita double T.Q. + win!

CRC wins 4 out of 5 pan car classes!



Wiita wheels keep rollin'

Fresh from solid results in Las Vegas, Minnesota driver John Wiita continues his reign of terror being the Top Qualifier in 17.5 and 13.5 at the Halloween Classic. Wiita went on to win the 17.5 class and take a close second to teammate Jeff Dayger in 13.5!

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CRC Race Results: CRC wins big in Vegas!

Team CRC hits the Jackpot

at the IIC in Las Vegas!

Andrew Knapp wins every 1/12th class!

Wynn and Ficco go 1-2 in World GT-R



Andrew Knapp sweeps all the 1/12th classes at the IIC with CRC cars and tires!

Cleanup in Aisle 12? Instead of a broom, Knapp chose the World Champion CRC Xti-WC car and CRC Pro Cut tires to cleanup and sweep all three 1/12th classes at the IIC. In addition, Andrew was T.Q. in 13.5.

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CRC Race Results: CRC sweeps the podiums at the Summer Slam in Ohio

The CRC WTF1-FC16 sweeps the podium

at the 2016 Summer Slam at the Gate in Ohio!

CRC cars sweep both the Formula 1 and World GT-R podiums!.

New production GenX-10 RT takes T.Q. and first!



CRC's WTF-1 FC-16 takes ANOTHER Championship!

CRC drivers Zach Schuttenburg, Brian Wynn and Mark Sweeney sweep the podium in the hotly contested Formula 1 class using CRC's new FC16 car!

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