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CRC Race Results: CRC sweeps the podiums at the Summer Slam in Ohio

The CRC WTF1-FC16 sweeps the podium

at the 2016 Summer Slam at the Gate in Ohio!

CRC cars sweep both the Formula 1 and World GT-R podiums!.

New production GenX-10 RT takes T.Q. and first!



CRC's WTF-1 FC-16 takes ANOTHER Championship!

CRC drivers Zach Schuttenburg, Brian Wynn and Mark Sweeney sweep the podium in the hotly contested Formula 1 class using CRC's new FC16 car!

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CRC Race Results: CRC taking impressive wins in Colorado!

Big wins for Team CRC!

CRC goes 1-2 in Formula 1 at the MHIC in Denver!

Mitch Witteman T.Q's and wins 13.5 with the CRC Xti-WC 1/12th car.

Wynn takes World GT-R with the new Gen-X 10RT



CRC's WTF-1 FC-16 takes ANOTHER Championship!

CRC's Mario Ficco (right) and Brian Wynn (left) go 1-2 in the Formula 1 class at the Mile Hile Indoor Champs in Denver, CO. with CRC's WTF-1 FC16!

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CRC Race Results: Team CRC winning around the world!

Big wins for Team CRC

Knapp + Suzuki take Snowbirds Championships

Markus Mobers wins the Reedy race in the UK!

Andrew Knapp double T.Q. and wins 1/12th 13.5 + 17.5 with the CRC Xti-WC!

Team CRC Japan driver Kosuke Suzuki T.Q's and wins the World GT-R class.

CRC Gen-X 10R car goes 1-2-3-4!


World Champion CRC Xti-WC car wins AGAIN!

CRC's Andrew Knapp sweeps the 17.5 and 13.5 classes at the 2016 Snowbirds. Knapp's CRC Xti-WC continued the winning streak from Cleveland by taking T.Q. and 1st in both classes.
Markus takes the CRC Xti-WC to a big win in the UK winning the 1/12th scale modified invitational class!

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CRC Race Results: Early wins for Team CRC in 2016!

Team CRC - dominating early in 2016!

John Witta double T.Q. and wins 1/12th 13.5 + 17.5 at MMR in Minnesota

Brian Wynn double T.Q. and wins F1 + World GT-R at MMR in Minnesota

Jim Piersol wins F1 at the Hudy race in St. Louis!!


2 W's and 4 wins

New CRC 2016 WTF-1 wins again!

Top - Wynn and Witta dominate the MMR Challenge with T.Q's and wins in F1, World GT-R, 1/12th 17.5 and 13.5! CRC cars and tires sweep up the event! Bottom - Jimmy Piersol dominates the Formula 1 class in the heart of XRay country with the new CRC WTF-1 FC16!


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CRC Race Results: CRC wins the U.S. Indoor Championships in Cleveland!

Andrew Knapp takes wins the

1/12th Modified title at

the 2015 U.S. Indoor Champs

Firsching T.Q. and wins World GT-R

Wynn goes back-to-back in F1, win + T.Q.!

Max Buca goes back-to-back in youth division, win + T.Q.!


Andrew "Youngmoney" Knapp takes 1/12th modified!

Andrew Knapp took his Trinity powered CRC Xti-WC 1/12th car to a convincing victory at the U.S. Indoor Champs. Couple that with a T.Q. in 17.5 and the newlywed had a great weekend!


The grand daddy of all indoor races in North America is the U.S. Indoor Championships (USIC) in Cleveland, OH. This was the 36th running of this prestigious event. Over the recent years, the turnout has been up and down, well off the hay days in the late 80's and early 90's. This year, a great turnout with over 330 entries descending upon the Strongsville, Ohio Holiday Inn. As usual, the race room was the hotel ballroom now fitted with new CRC Fasttrak II (FT2) carpet. In the past, some of the issues of the event centered around a bumpy subfloor and rough track. This year, the floor/track building team knocked it out of the park with a smooth sub-floor and perfect installation of the new high traction FT2.


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