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CRC Race Results: CRC wins big in Vegas!

Team CRC hits the Jackpot

at the IIC in Las Vegas!

Andrew Knapp wins every 1/12th class!

Wynn and Ficco go 1-2 in World GT-R



Andrew Knapp sweeps all the 1/12th classes at the IIC with CRC cars and tires!

Cleanup in Aisle 12? Instead of a broom, Knapp chose the World Champion CRC Xti-WC car and CRC Pro Cut tires to cleanup and sweep all three 1/12th classes at the IIC. In addition, Andrew was T.Q. in 13.5.

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CRC Race Results: CRC sweeps the podiums at the Summer Slam in Ohio

The CRC WTF1-FC16 sweeps the podium

at the 2016 Summer Slam at the Gate in Ohio!

CRC cars sweep both the Formula 1 and World GT-R podiums!.

New production GenX-10 RT takes T.Q. and first!



CRC's WTF-1 FC-16 takes ANOTHER Championship!

CRC drivers Zach Schuttenburg, Brian Wynn and Mark Sweeney sweep the podium in the hotly contested Formula 1 class using CRC's new FC16 car!

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CRC Race Results: CRC taking impressive wins in Colorado!

Big wins for Team CRC!

CRC goes 1-2 in Formula 1 at the MHIC in Denver!

Mitch Witteman T.Q's and wins 13.5 with the CRC Xti-WC 1/12th car.

Wynn takes World GT-R with the new Gen-X 10RT



CRC's WTF-1 FC-16 takes ANOTHER Championship!

CRC's Mario Ficco (right) and Brian Wynn (left) go 1-2 in the Formula 1 class at the Mile Hile Indoor Champs in Denver, CO. with CRC's WTF-1 FC16!

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CRC Race Results: Team CRC winning around the world!

Big wins for Team CRC

Knapp + Suzuki take Snowbirds Championships

Markus Mobers wins the Reedy race in the UK!

Andrew Knapp double T.Q. and wins 1/12th 13.5 + 17.5 with the CRC Xti-WC!

Team CRC Japan driver Kosuke Suzuki T.Q's and wins the World GT-R class.

CRC Gen-X 10R car goes 1-2-3-4!


World Champion CRC Xti-WC car wins AGAIN!

CRC's Andrew Knapp sweeps the 17.5 and 13.5 classes at the 2016 Snowbirds. Knapp's CRC Xti-WC continued the winning streak from Cleveland by taking T.Q. and 1st in both classes.
Markus takes the CRC Xti-WC to a big win in the UK winning the 1/12th scale modified invitational class!

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CRC Race Results: Early wins for Team CRC in 2016!

Team CRC - dominating early in 2016!

John Witta double T.Q. and wins 1/12th 13.5 + 17.5 at MMR in Minnesota

Brian Wynn double T.Q. and wins F1 + World GT-R at MMR in Minnesota

Jim Piersol wins F1 at the Hudy race in St. Louis!!


2 W's and 4 wins

New CRC 2016 WTF-1 wins again!

Top - Wynn and Witta dominate the MMR Challenge with T.Q's and wins in F1, World GT-R, 1/12th 17.5 and 13.5! CRC cars and tires sweep up the event! Bottom - Jimmy Piersol dominates the Formula 1 class in the heart of XRay country with the new CRC WTF-1 FC16!


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