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CRC Race Results: Art Crescitelli and CRC wins the ROAR Region 12 Championship
Untitled Document

Calandra Racing Concepts

dominant in California

Art Crescitelli wins 1/12th + World GT

CRC driver Bill Deras joins Art on the podium!



California CRC driver Art Crescitelli (blue cars) took the win in 1:12th and World GT with his CRC Xti and Gen-X10SE. Teammate
Bill Deras took his #76 to a 3rd place joining Art on the podium. In World GT, the Black Art GT86 (#4180) body is on a crusade, winning races coast to coast.


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CRC Race Results: Another ROAR National Championship for CRC, John Wiita takes the victory!
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Calandra Racing Concepts

adds another National Championship!

John Wiita wastes the field in 12th 17.5!

CRC driver Mitch Witteman joins Wiita on the podium!



Minnesota CRC driver John Wiita takes his CRC Xti Altered Ego to a T.Q. and win at the ROAR Nationals in Omaha, NE.


CRC driver John Wiita took a deserving win at the 2014 ROAR Carpet Nationals held at the beautiful Hobbyplex in Omaha, NE. This venue hosted the 2008 version of the ROAR Nats and 6 years later the Nationals returned. As usual, a strong, deep field of competitors were present at the event. In 1/12th scale 17.5, a full 50% of the A-main competitors used CRC chassis. In the triple A main format, Top Qualifier John Wiita won 2 of the 3 A-mains to take the National Championship. John used CRC Pro Cut tires to hook his Alter Ego chassis to the CRC Fasttrak Racing Carpet. The dominant Black Art R8C was the overwhelming choice in the 1/12th 17.5 and 13.5 classes.

John's car was basically bone stock, no fancy option parts needed. The CRC Altered Ego is already the most affordable car in 1/12th racing, and again John Wiita's victory proves the race capabilities right out of the box. Of course, the CRC Xti Altered Ego can be run in most any configuration, inline battery (truly inline with the center of the car, not slung off to the side like an oval racer) or transverse. In this case, John chose the adjustability of the transverse position.

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CRC Race Results: CRC's WTF-1 car just keeps winning!
Untitled Document

Calandra Racing Concepts delivers

a another double 1-2 punch!

The CRC WTF-1 Formula 1 car wins again!

CRC Japan driver Hayato Ishioka and CRC USA driver Brian Wynn

qualify and finish 1-2 at the Snowbirds.


Japanese CRC driver Hayato Ishioka and Brian Wynn dominated the 2014 Snowbirds in Orlando using CRC's new WTF-1 Formula 1 car.


Every year, the Snowbird Nationals provides a record number of entries as well as incredibly tough competition. The 2014 version of the Snowbirds again attracted drivers all over the World. This year, our colleague from Japan Kimihiko Yano travelled to the Snowbirds with his strong Team CRC Japan team. In addition, the CRC/Black Art team from Europe was on hand. Add team drivers from China, Japan, UK, Germany, Canada and France and the competition was Worlds level.

CRC's new WTF-1 car dominated the Formula 1 class taking a strong 1-2 finish. In the hands of Japanese and American drivers, every CRC WTF-1 car entered in the Snowbirds made the A-main qualifying 1-2-4-5. Hayato and Brian qualified and finished 1-2! Another great win for the WTF-1.


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CRC Race Results: CRC Triple T.Q. in Cleveland!
Untitled Document

2013 U.S. Indoor Championship - Cleveland, OH

CRC Triple T.Q. and win!

Knapp and Firsching on top again.


The 2013 version of the U.S. Indoor Championship marked the 34th Annual running, this event held at the Holiday Inn in Strongsville, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. The central location of the event has consistently attracted racers from all the northern hot spots of indoor carpet racing. With strong club racing programs in neighboring states, all forced indoors due to inclement weather, the Ohio location has proven a hub of great indoor carpet road racing. This year, the event had around 220 entries.


CRC Triple T.Q. - Knapp takes 2 T.Q.s, Firscing takes the WGT.

Andrew Knapp (left) and Tom Firsching display their T.Q. and winning awards. Andrew was T.Q. in 17.5
and 13.5 1/12th scale with his CRC Xti. Tom took World GT T.Q. honors with his Gen-X 10SE and
Black Art GT86 World GT body, the new standard for World GT bodies.

In addition, the duo would finish 1-2 in 1/12th 17.5 class with Knapp winning and Firsching keeping him
honest for 8 minutes.



1/12th scale 17.5

In this class, with the conservative 17.5 blinky horsepower, corner speed is a premium. A recipe perfect for the CRC Xti. At the Champs, Andrew Knapp would put his Trinity powered Xti on pole position. In the A-main, CRC Xti pilot Tom Firsching would sneak up from his 3rd qualifying spot to challenge Andrew. For the entire 8 minute run, Tom shadowed Andrew, never dropping more than 10 feet behind. At the end, Andrew held tough mistake free with Tom breathing down his neck. Joining the CRC duo in the A-main were CRC teammates Wayne Gerber, Mark Calandra and John Tortorice. A cool 50% of the A-main with CRC cars and tires. Also, the CRC drivers used the affordable and available CRC 1s Rocket Fuel battery pack.


Flying high with the Xti - Knapp and Firsching 1-2!

CRC tires in the 1-2 spot. Andrew has the Transverse conversion
on his Xti. Tom chose the "short-short" car; Altered Ego chassis
with the standard Xti rear pod plate, also in the transverse position.


World GT

The World GT class at the Champs had a very strong turnout. These cars are super easy to race weekly. They use spec tires that are durable and basically provide too much traction. Also, large full bodies and a bumper protect the chassis from race damage. Combine that with a blinky 13.5 power package and these cars are fun and affordable to race.

The new CRC Gen-X 10SE has been on a strong run taking top results all season long. Tom Firsching built a Gen-X 10SE and put a couple battery packs on it before heading to the 2013 US Indoor Champs. Tom mounted the now "must have" Black Art GT86 body on the car and took an impressive Top Qualifying position. CRC teammate Wayne Gerber put his SE in the 2nd qualifying position. Again, 50% of the field was CRC cars with teammates Brian Wynn, Lee Harpe and Frank Calandra joining the 1-2 duo in the A-main. Firsching used the CRC #3705 1s Rocket Fuel pack to rocket his way to a T.Q. with CRC World GT tires providing the grip.


2013 World GT Top Qualifier

The CRC Gen-X 10SE #1801 topped with the new Black Art
GT86 #4180. Add a little power form the #3705 battery and you
have a T.Q. run.

The most affordable and winning chassis in WGT racing, the
CRC Gen-X 10SE. CRC #2300 and 2302 World GT tires
provided the traction.

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CRC Race Results: Calandra Racing Concepts winning around the World!
Untitled Document

Team CRC Japan Wins Big!

CRC's Hayato Ishioka T.Q.s and wins the

2013 Asian Onroad Championships

Held at the world famous Yatabe Arena.


Young CRC driver, Hayato Ishioka from Japan dominates the 2013 Asian Onroad Championships at the Yatabe arena. Ishioka won all 4 rounds of qualifying and swept the first 2 A-mains! Hayato used a CRC Altered Ego 1/12th car, CRC 7000 1s pack and CRC Pro Cut tires! Awesome result from the strong CRC Japan team!


The final round of the Asian Onroad Championship took place at the historic Yatabe Arena. Yatabe is known as one of the most historic venues in all of RC racing. The event was run on the big road course track that features CRC Fastrak Racing Carpet. In attendance, World Champions Andy Moore, Naoto Matsukura and Meen Vejrak as well a plethora of fast racers from 12 different countries.

In 1/12th scale modified, all eyes were on 3-time World Champion Naoto Matsukura, the young Yokomo ace is always blistering fast, especially at home on Yatabe's track. However, it was the young Team CRC Japan driver, Hayato Ishioka, who stole the show taking the TQ spot, winning every qualifier, despite some transponder problems.

From his pole position in the first A final (A1), Hayato had a disastrous start as he was hit on the first lap; the crash sending him from 1st to last. Showing great poise like a seasoned veteran, he methodically worked his way back through the field and in the closing laps, was able to retake the lead to the cheers of the crowd and earn a hard fought win in A1. Final number #2 (A2) was a fight also but not as dramatic as A1 and some perfect driving from Hayato earned him a solid win in A2. The 1-1 finish allowed him to sit out A3 and gave him his first major Modified 1/12th scale win. Simply an impressive, solid run from the young racer.

Hayato used his CRC Altered Ego 1/12th car, CRC Pro Cut tires and our Rocket Fuel 1s pack. Congratulations to Hayato and Team CRC Japan led by Mr. Kimihiko Yano.


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