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CRC Wins All three 12th scale classes - 2016 IIC - Las Vegas
Congratulations to Michigan driver Andrew Knapp for winning all 3 classes for 1/12th cars at the 2016 International Indoor Championships (IIC) in Las Vegas. Andrew took the top spot in 1/12th modified, 13.5 Super Stock and 17.5 Stock using CRC’s World Champion 1/12th car the Xti-WC and CRC Pro Cut tires........READ MORE
New Aluminum Chassis for the World Champion CRC XTi-WC

While aluminum chassis on 1/12th cars go back 25 years, recently with changes to the carpet and new tires, aluminum is making a comeback for 1/12th scale. A properly made aluminum chassis is stiffer than standard carbon fiber and this can lead to more consistant lap times in high bite conditions. It is stiffer than some of the other aluminum chassis on the market and built to original stock CRC Xti-WC geometry........READ MORE

The New Gen-X 10 R/T - World GT-R Car Kit from CRC

The R/T for Rubber Tire! New from the company that brought you rubber tire pan car racing is a new rubber tire specific 1/10th scale road racer; the new “Gen-X 10 R/T”. The RT is a specific built World GT-R car designed around CRC’s GTR rims and RT-1 tires. The R/T car has all the adjustments needed to dominate rubber tire pan car racing. High quality components, ease of use and a great low price........READ MORE